Xcode, Subversion Error: 155007 (Path is not a working copy directory) (via n o t e 1 9 . c o m)

Voglio segnalare come risolvere il problema indicato nel titolo, come dai commenti del blog che ho linkato:

1) Create the project in XCODE.

2) Setup subversion in XCODE and select the subversion repository for this project.

3) Use Xcode SCM > Repository and click on the IMPORT icon. This will move the local copy to the subversion repository.

5) Now delete your local copy (or move it to another location just in case).

6) Finally CHECKOUT the project from subversion (this will create the subversion .svn folders, …).

I had my project in subversion and was trying to get it to work with Xcode, but kept running into error 155007 whenever I tried to commit my changes from Xcode. After trying many different ways to get to the bottom of this, here are the steps that worked: Delete your local copy (cd myxcodeproject; rm -rf .) Delete the "build" folder from the server svn co https://svnserver/path/trunk/project . Now you should see .svn folders in every directory of … Read More

via n o t e 1 9 . c o m



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